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#We Movement, the official Women Empowerment Movement has launched the Asian Empowerment movement. Asian Empowerment was created by Lowell Beasley, founder of Women Empowerment Movement and #WE Movement.

Over 60% of the world is Asian. There are more Asians in California than any other nationality. There are more Filipinos in Las Vegas than any other culture, and more Asians in Houston than any other culture.

#WE is launching the LARGEST Asian Empowerment rally tour ever called #AsianLove, in cities across America, and is collaborating in each city with its media partner, the iconic #WishBus USA.

The cast of a new Asian reality show, The Asian Goddesses , is co-hosting the globally televised TV specials in each city.

BJ Joson is the national Producer .


Broadcast to over 1.20 billion people on TV globally and The Philippines with an all-star cast honoring #AsianEmpowerment and #AsianRepresentation as #WE launches the largest pro-Asian media movement, #AsianLove.

Join us in person at all the tour stops in Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, and others.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

#WE is dedicated to empowering Asians and our mission is to create a national amalgamated brand to encompass all #Asian groups and brands to mobilize in #AsianRepresentation and #AsianEmpowerment nationally.

 ALL people, male, female and children

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Concerts / TV / Parties / Rallies

The website is currently where #WE is first loading all updates from all fronts. So stay updated at 

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