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Ysabella Loyola Added to #AsianLove Tour

This 10 year old future superstar has a 30 year old voice but is only ten years old. Yet her career has already included multi-awards and singing the National Anthem at L.A Lakers games.

Now Ysabella Loyola is being added to the largest #AsianEmpowerment tour ever, kicking off on March 11 at the Aratani Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, in a new globally televised TV tour called #AsianLove along with such Asian stalwarts as Rachel Alejandro and Garth Garcia, and debuting her substantial talents globally along the new critically acclaimed Dallas Boy Band, The Kid Brothers, hailed as the new Jonas Brothers.

Ysabella Loyola is a very accomplished vocalist, and even performs Whitney Houston, Anjelica Hale and Lea Salonga songs at her age, wowing fans everywhere. She has performed at the L.A Dodger games, L.A Lakers games and L.A Clippers and now is going to global TV beginning March 11 as #AsianLove tour is broadcast " LIVE" even into China, a historic episode in itself, as well as 1.20 billion homes globally from The Philippines , Taiwan, Singapore and the USA via its 2 OTA stations in both Las Vegas and Manila, The Philippines, as wel as ROKU, Fire TV, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

And Ysabella will perform monthly on all the #AsianLove tour stops as #AsianLove broadcasts monthly from all its tour stops nationally. Its next tour stop/ telecast after L.A on March 11 is in Las Vegas on April 29.

She is also a front row vocalist on the " We Are The World" tour as part of the #AsianLove tour where in each city, all ocal, regional and national artists combine in a mass singalong recreation of " We Are The World", the iconic song of unity by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

#AsianLove is sponsored and presented/ created by the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, who are presenting the unity brand #WeR1 across the nation, and presenting these mass recreations of " We Are The World " in each city as a citywide singalong presentation in each city highlighting the combined talent of each city along with the traveling #AsianLove roster. Each city will film and issue their own branded version , tagged and branded by their city like " We Are The World-Los Angeles", " We Are The World- Las Vegas", etc. The first is " We Are The World-Los Angeles" led by Sheldon Reynolds, former lead guitarist/ lead vocalist for Earth Wind & Fire for 14 years. Ysabella Loyola will be a front row participant of those.

Ysabella Loyola is turning heads and creating a viable career at age 10. The future is bright for this amazing L.A child-star with the huge pipes. Now with options of her own TV specials and appearances on global TV, the future is hers.

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